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Super Smash Bros. Melee is Feminist (and Smash Bros isn’t)

In August 1986, Nintendo would release Metroid for Famicom Disc System in Japan and for the PlayerChoice-10 Arcade machine in North America. Metroid would go onto to be known as the first video game featuring a female protagonist. I would go onto to say this fact is wrong right now. The release of Ms. Pac-ManContinue reading “Super Smash Bros. Melee is Feminist (and Smash Bros isn’t)”


100 Excellent Games of All Time

With one decade over and another one beginning (or maybe decades end on the 9 who knows), I saw a decidedly lack of Top X Games of All Time list I was met with 5 and 10 years prior. Both 2010 and 2015 were pivotal moments in the way I looked at games. 2010 wasContinue reading “100 Excellent Games of All Time”

Yakuza is (Not) Sexist

My first real introduction to the Yakuza was someone describing the game as not sexist. Yakuza 0 had recently released in the west to widespread popularity, and all of a sudden a game series that had always been a detail I glanced over in announcement threads had become a college-appartmenthold name. The first and subsequentContinue reading “Yakuza is (Not) Sexist”

Yakuza 0 to Kiwami – What Happened?

Yakuza 0 released in the west in 2017 (in Japan in 2015) to widespread critical acclaim and noteriety, something that hadn’t graced the series in the west previously. This makes total sense; the game serves as an entry point to the series, since you don’t have to know any of the previous’s story. The gameContinue reading “Yakuza 0 to Kiwami – What Happened?”

Out For Delivery – An Analysis

I just finished playing the game Out For Delivery, and it really deserves some acknowledgement. I’m gonna talk through the events of the game, so if you don’t want to be spoiled at all, I suggest you just play it. Out For Delivery is a 42 minute playable documentary following a food delivery courier. It takesContinue reading “Out For Delivery – An Analysis”